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Why must you trade with the legal forex brokers in India?

India is a country located in Asia. A lot of international Forex brokers have business network in this country including the legal forex brokers in India. As you know that India is a developing country with a high population and a good economy. They are getting richer and richer and have great influence on other countries.

In truth, India owns the third largest billionaire in the world, in which 111 billionaires are available in this large nation. Although a lot of Asian people have the low income, some individuals become prosper from cheap work force.

The truth of legal forex brokers in India

When it comes to Forex trade, the distance between legal Forex and illegal one is still a big question. In details, India is a typical example of unclear trading forex. They allow Forex trading to happen but some certain requirements of Forex have limits. For instance, many alien Forex firms are easy to be available in India. However, Indians are limited to trade in terms of some certain conditions of Forex. 

India keeps their proper authorities to have the oversight of the financial markets. They are responsible for maintaining market integrity, in charge of transparency and protection of market participants.

In India, Forex is considered half legal. This can be fun but it’s true. RBI (Reserve Bank of India) just permits traders to trade with some forex domestic firms with currency pairs in Indian rupees. This performance is the attempts of regulatory government. They allow to trade some currency pairs in India such as:  JPY/INR, GBP/INR, EUR/INR, and USD/INR as well. The bad news is all of those are not real forex firms. Some of them are stock exchange brokers.

Many traders in India take use of alien forex brokers that allow traders living in this country, in which the regulated forex brokers have no problem or illegal investment in the currency pairs. This helps them to have more thrill. Also, those pairs are easy to changeable. This leads to more chance of making profits because of higher price volatility.

Reasons to trade with legal forex brokers in India

Various instrument

If you have tendency to invest in the most liquid and common global currency pairs, the best way is to seek for a foreign broker who can accept traders living in India. Of course you have a lot of options. A reliable FX broker with fame and brand is a good choice. Because they will give you the modern platform with high technology (for example: Metatrader4 with mobile apps and social trading). In addition, you can trade with more than fifty currency pairs available on the largest finance market in the world. 

Low cost

Another good reason for you is that the lowest spreads will be offered to you. This is due to the great competition among FX firms. In case you want to follow this way, it’s strongly advised to seek for a brokerage which is regulated by some popular organizations such as: British FCA, or Australian ASIC or even Cyprus CYSEC. They are deserved to be top in regulation. 


Legal forex brokers in India will give you the high quality services and connect their clients to the most reasonable quotes and prices in terms of the modern platforms with the good industry standards. Timing is a decisive element in trading. So time zones and the right time aren’t ignored in any cost by traders.

Time zones and geographical location have a big effect on Indian market. Apart from risk of trading, change of time zone can be a considerable problem. It’s because the market time zone in the East and the West is not the same.

The trading time of active forex activities often happens in day time. Morning is for trading JPY/USD and evening for trading USD/EUR and USD/GBP. We often call them as the American and European time zone.

If there are considerable changes of time, the night time of trading seems riskier. You need to a careful look of closing (for example between 9:00 AM and 7:30 PM, between Monday and Friday. For foreign traders or the legal forex brokers in India need to be aware of the market activity of every time zone to decide the time and place to close their forex account India. When doing that, they will have chance of lessening risks and more protections.

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